Team Alliance, led by Senior Vice President Brian Sax, is one of the most successful teams of Independent Business Owners in ACN worldwide.

With a huge team worldwide, Brian is a member of the President’s Club and the prestigious Circle of Champions. In fact, Brian is the only Leader in ACN’s history who has qualified to serve on all four of the Circles of Champions, one for each of four Global Regions (there have been five other leaders who have served on two Circles, and the rest on one). 

As a former Ivy League Engineer and future Olympic hopeful from Princeton University, Brian Sax discovered that school had not prepared him for a world where it was so difficult to pursue one’s dreams and secure financial freedom at the same time.

Introduced to ACN through a friend from Yale University, Brian was promoted to Senior Vice President in 2003, becoming the first in ACN to achieve that honor based solely upon North American production. 

Pioneers in the successful launches of Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, and Mexico, the success and financial gain from their ACN business has given Brian and his wife Andrea the freedom to spend unlimited time together, and with their two children, while pursuing their individual dreams and passions in life!